New To The SCA?

Welcome to the modern middle ages - we can't wait to meet you!
Chivalry. Nobility. Valor. These are just some of the virtues required of any who sought to be a knight in pre-17th century Europe. While modern life is wonderful in many ways, it is missing the charm of these knightly ideals. We invite you to step back in time with us and explore your own chivalry as, together, we bring to life the culture and activities that existed back then.

How do I start?
There are many amazing resources available online where you can familiarize yourself with "The Knowne World" (the populace, activities, and geography of the SCA) and how to navigate it. Additionally, any of us will gladly answer any question you have. Feel free to get a running start with the following:

SCA main website

Newcomer Portal

SCA Overview and Description

Terminology/jargon/common words & phrases (article)

Advice to newcomers (article)

We are participants, not performers
We aren't putting on a play, we are expanding our personal understanding of history by creating an interactive experience of pre-17th century culture. To this end, during SCA events we all dress in clothing that could have existed before 1600, we use utensils and tools that would have existed "in-period", we disguise modern conveniences and necessities, and we encourage the virtues of chivalry and nobility in all we do. No matter how new you are, all we ask is you make your best attempt at period appropriate clothes and accessories (we'll even give you pointers, assistance, and loaner gear when needed to help you make that happen), and that you realize we are a community, not a show.

What exactly IS an event?
Events are gatherings, often at campsites, where we hold tournaments of skill in many period martial arts, have period feasts, wear period clothing, share our period research and projects and attend court with the ranking nobility. 

You don't have to dress like Queen Elizabeth I to fit in. Like most groups, we have a Gold Key - a collection of loaner garments (or "garb") for new folks to borrow so they feel comfortable at their first event(s). As you get more into things, you can either work with the group's members who are experienced at sewing or learn to make it yourself. Learning by doing is part of the fun!

The earlier the garment existed, usually the easier it is to make. A garment called a T-Tunic is the simplest and most common first "garb" for anyone just starting out. You don't have to start out dressing like King Henry VIII or Elizabeth I to fit in and feel at home. We welcome your best attempt at period appropriate attire. Once you're more familiar with the time and place you want to identify with, you can start putting together more elaborate and specific outfits to suit your area of research. If you can't or don't want to sew your own, there are many vendors who sell a wide array of garments. 

Good article on beginner garb -